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These are the products the company has developed to date. We will be announcing our new strategy in the near future.
  The Safer Shot Bouncer™ Cartridge System
Uses kinetic energy to incapacitate a target at handgun range, up to 22 feet. The proprietary Safer Shot cartridge is a silicon coated spherical projectile; on impact the projectile breaks into a putty-like substance, preventing it from breaking the skin, entering the body or creating any long term injury to the assailant. At the same time, the effect of the cartridge  is powerful, it causes extreme pain and immediate incapacitation, temporarily disabling an assailant, allowing them to be brought safely under control.
  Safer Shot Bouncer M-22™
Is lightweight and ambidextrous; the dual shot BouncerM-22™ gives the shooter the opportunity to fire, switch barrels and fire again almost instantaneously. Reloading between shots is not necessary. The BouncerM-22™ is designed to rest comfortably in the palm of your hand, where it can be directed intuitively like a flashlight. Cocking is done by pulling back the handle of the device and requires minimal hand pressure. 
  Safer Shot Mini™
The single shot mini was designed for self-defense.
It is lightweight, ambidextrous and easy to use.
The Mini fits easily in your purse or pocket and requires no firearms
  Safer Shot Bouncer M-11™
Is a dual shot add on firing device designed for use with a handgun. The Bouncer M-11™ is mounted on a service weapon and allows police, security or military personnel to carry a single weapon capable of successfully responding to a non-lethal, escalating or lethal environment.